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Ellie helps you organize your thoughts and plan your day in a beautiful and simple app.
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"This is hands down the best app for timeboxing your day"

Sarah N.
Student @ UChicago

"The brain dump feature is insanely useful..."

Jonathan S.
Startup Founder

"...this app should not be free"

Tiffany W.
Med school student @ NYU

How I use the app to plan my day 👇

Here is a quick video showing how I (app creator) personally use the app to plan/timebox my day

Timebox Calendar

Drag your tasks into our timebox calendar to visually plan your day

With our Google calendar integration you can even view your calendar events alongside your tasks for easier timeboxing

Brain dump

Free up mental space by offloading tasks from your 🧠

Labels & Filters

Great to only show tasks relevant at that moment

Focus Mode

Both pomodoro and timer modes supported

A gorgeous native iOS app

Jot down thoughts as soon as they come on our beautiful iOS app.

All features you love from our web app are available wherever you go 😎

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we get (and some answers)👇

I already use Trello, Notion, Airtable, etc... how is this different?

Those are great! The difference between these tools and Ellie is that Ellie was specifically built as a day planner / brain dump. You can "hack" together a system like this with Notion or Airtable, but the UI won't be the same.

The biggest thing that is hard to replicate is the "infinite" Kanban view where you can scroll between dates infinitely. Ellie also has a great timebox view that you can't replicate with other apps.

There are also some features like advanced filtering, focus mode, task roll-over, recurring tasks and other little things that you won't find in most systems. As time goes on, I'll be adding more features such as calendar integrations and basic anlaytics.

Who would be a good fit for Ellie?

If you want a simple app, Ellie is a good fit.

If like this "Braindump + Daily Kanban" planning system, Ellie is a good fit.

If you want a beautiful native iOS app, Ellie is a good fit.

As a one person operation, how can I trust that you will be around in a year or two?

The costs of the app are very low and I am using profits from my other apps (example: mogul) to fund things for now.

I have no plans to raise money or make my apps a big thing so you don't have to worry about things shutting down because they aren't growing fast enough/generating enough returns for investors.

My other app Mogul has been around for almost 5 years and is very much alive. I plan on keeping this app up and running indefinitely.

Do you guys have an iOS/Android app?

We do have an iOS app and you can download it right here.

There are no plans currently to make an Android app due to time constraints (the Ellie team is just 1 person 👀) but maybe in the future.

If you are interested in working on the Android app feel free to message me: chris@aloa.co

Hey 👋 I'm Chris and I built Ellie because I needed a simple system to organize my day.

I multi-task a lot and there would always be things that slip my mind or I would forget to take care of. Ellie solved this for me by giving me a space to offload and organize tasks. It is literally like a second 🧠 to me.

My hope is that this app improves your life as much as it has improved mine.

(PS check out my other app Mogul if you want to be better at networking or my startup Aloa if you need some software development😉)

- Chris Raroque

Better organization. It's that simple.